26. February 2014

Cancel the xiaomi redmi order

The previous post , I ordered the xiaomi redmi at Fri 21 Feb. It got a lot of problem and made at payment at 22:50:29. I wrote , it’s hard to trust them. They can’t did well on my order. Sat 21 Feb , they sell again. They said they are start shipping on Saturday. However, my order is still Payment received and nothing changes. At monday most of the people received the phone. Other people start complain about their order is still showing Payment received and not change to process or shipping.

So, I contact the chat support and they didn’t see any update on my order. Please wait. It’s not helpful answer. 25 Feb, all the people who ordered at Saturday was received. So, I contact the support. Same response. No helpful. Can’t do anything. So, I told them to cancel my order. Still saying , don’t worry. Your order will receive. But I don’t want it anymore because I didn’t trust them anymore. I sent the support and no replied. So, I told them to cancel it and want refund. They said, need to send email to cancel the order. So, I sent the email support again.

Before order cancel , I sent the contact support before chat support at 24. Feb They replied at 25 Feb evening, they told my order marked for cancel. Do you want to cancel or continue shipping. I replied again , YES , I want to cancel.

They didn’t know what happen and what I chat with their support team. All the information may not synchronised each other.

Today 26 Feb, my order status not change and still not get refund yet. Paypal already take out my money. No refund yet. Look like they will do all the process again at next shipment from china. I sent the email about how long I need to wait cancel order and refund money. No response. OK. I can’t do anything for now and just wait their response. If they didn’t response until 28 Feb. They may ship together with 27 Feb sale and other people who order at 21 Feb and got payment error people. Look like trying to get 21 Feb is wasting time for them. Tomorrow Redmi can buy at Starhub.

I understand online selling and customer support is not easy. It’s not my first time with order problem. Microsoft surface , google nexus 4 got the order problem, too. First day , order and payment completed.However, next day , they cancel my order after next day because no more stock. Look like they didn’t connect with stock data and website. However ,they didn’t take my money from my account. They void the transactions. However, I told them before take out my money. But don’t care and no reply my email. Just wait. I hope, they will reply my email soon.

21. February 2014

Xiaomi Redmi

Today, Xiaomi Redmi sold on their website. Before selling , they post we need to create xiaomi account on their website. One of my colleagues is try to register on their website. Never receive activation email. I also helped him. Can’t register. I gave up. After a while , he tried to register with hotmail and it was working. Why didn’t receive on gmail and only receive on hotmail ?

After that they are start selling around 12:01 pm . I try to buy it. Making payment and it resopnse error. However, I received email from Paypal. It’s showing Completed. In their website , it’s showing Unpaid orders will be deleted automatically after 24 hours . So, I paid and will not get it ? I called their support phone number and waiting around 5 minute and drop the line. Try again and again. Always drop the line after around 5 minute. Around 2 PM , chat support is showing and try to chat with them. Just opening browser and waiting 30 minute to get their support. After chating with thme , they confirm I will receive my order. They have a issue in their website. Not only me. So , many people have a issue when tried to buy it.


Now, they told Redmi sold in 8 minute. Really ? How many minute your server down ? How many stock did they sell ? Sold out ? It’s just marketing. It’s not for customer happy. So many angry comment on their facebook. Most people got the same problem like me. Some people showing two order in their account. One order is payment done and another one is waiting payment. Xiaomi can’t do well on online payment. Their website quality. It’s not a first time selling on online. They sold at China , Taiwan , Hongkong. They didn’t learn from the past. They didn’t fix ther website issue. They only focus on marketing a lot and sell small stock. After that they said Sold out in xx Minutes . It’s not good for their fan. They will lost some fan in singapore.

How can we trust them ? Very hard to trust for future. They didn’t learn from past sell. They didn’t fix bugs and server issue on their production website. Their presentation on website is look like Apple. Their online store is look like Apple. But I can’t trust their product like Apple.

12. February 2014

PHP CURL zlib.dll is missing

Today, we tried to install PHP on IIS 7. Everything is working fine. But CURL can’t use. So, I tried to enable the php_curl.dll in php.ini. However, It didn’t show on phpinfo() .

Open the C:\php\ from terminal

C:\php\> php.exe -v

It was showing zlib.dll is missing

Download the zlib.dll from zlib.net (compiled DLL). Extract the zip file and it include zlib1.dll.

Rename zlib1.dll to zlib.dll . Move zlib.dll to C:\php\;

C:\php\> php.exe -v

Working fine and no error.

So, search curl in phpinfo().

Perfect. It’s showing now.

24. January 2014

Why I still not move to Ghost Blog

Now , ghost is popular and stable to use. But still not arrive the version 1.0. They still need to do a lot. Ghost already support wordpress to ghost plugin. However I still not consider to move ghost.

Ghost is using node.js and it’s not easy for blogger. But ghost already support hosted on Ghost Server for non technical. It’s can’t install on share hosting like bluehost or dreamhost. It’s node.js and using express.js . I am so interesting , how they will support plugin API ? If we are using node.js , we need to recompile again after adding new code or new js file. If ghost will support plugin , do we need to restart our node.js to install plugin ? They can do like meteor.js. Meteor.js auto update after something changes on files.

Now, I am using wordpress but I didn’t use admin panel for writing. I am using wp-svbtle for writing. It’s clean for writing and it also showing the preview same like ghost editor.

Wordpress can do more than blog but we can still blog with wordpress. I still prefer wordpress and may change ghost when it arrive version 1.0.

19. January 2014

Todo web app with meteor js

After reading the Discover meteor , I want to create sample web apps with meteor.js. So, I did the todo. Yes, it’s easy and can apply what we learn. I commit step by step and it’s only 15 commits. So, if you want to learn , how I did it , you can check on the commits.