17. October 2013

Bug in Flickr

  1. Go to Set after login.

Example :


  1. Click Auto Upload Set

  2. Click Edit on Tab

  3. Set Auto Upload Tab will appear in Organizer

  4. Click Sets & Collections Tab

  5. Click set at “Create a new: collection or set. “


  1. Set: New Set tab appear. But no way to save new set. There is no save button. No Textbox


16. October 2013


Now, I am running ghost on the open shift. Ghost is just another blog engine like wordpress but it’s using markdown for writing.

The Feature I Like and hate

Markdown Editor on ghost is good. But the preview has a problem. After adding image , it always blink after typing. It’s so bad. I worry about the real time preview on ghost. I am using Mou . It have real time markdown preview. However, it can’t handle for so long text with so many images. If we put a lot of text and images in markdown , the preview is really slow. So, I worried about that in ghost.

Upload image is awesome. Just put


in the editor. It will show like


It’s awesome. but it make a preivew screen slow and blink a lot.

Original theme is really good. I checked the template and it’s using handlebarsjs.com. So, we can make template for blog easily. If you know how to make tempalte in wordpress , you can make it easily.

I love Sqlite and hate also. It’s good for small amount of data. Not recommend for so many data. I prefer mongodb with node.js than SQLite.

However , it’s a good start and waiting import form other platform. Yes, it’s not easy but they will do it.

11. October 2013

Found a reason why my server slow

Last month , I relaize my server is too slow. I checked the memory , it only use 50%. However cpu load average is load average: 0.97, 1.15, 1.05 . It’s a reason , server is too slow.

At this time , I don’t know how to fix. So, I asked digital ocean and digital ocean recommend to change DB server or upgrade a new server. So , I upgrade it. But still slow. I couldn’t find a reason.

So, I search about what is load average. I found Understanding Linux CPU Load - when should you be worried?. It’s really helpful for me.

load average

After that I check /var/log/nginx/access.log . I found wp-admin/admin-ajax.php request a lot from my myanmar blog. I checked admin-ajax.php and it’s load the whole library of wordpress. So, it’s a one of the reason to make my slow. The question is why admin-ajax.php call a lot ? I open my myanmar blog and check the view source. I found it. I am using KUDOS wordpress plugin and it request admin-ajax.php to every 30 seconds. So, it’s a problem. I found another request from quote collection plugin. I can disable ajax request in KUDOS plguin. However, I can’t disable ajax request in quotes-collection setting. So, I disabled this plugin.

After that , I checked my load average.

$ uptime
  03:51:34 up 6 days, 31 min,  1 user,  load average: 0.02, 0.14, 0.20

Now, the load average is very different. It’s not a problem of CPU. It’s a problem of ajax request too much. So, it will like DDOS attack itself.

Now, the server is working fine again.

01. October 2013

iOS 7 Colors

When working for iOS 7 , I follow the color pattern that recommend on iOS Human Interface Guidelines. However, pickup color is not easy in Xcode. I am using RGB color . When I want to add color code on Xcode , I need to open image from the Guidelines and chose the color with pixelmator.

It’s not easy to use. So, I decided to write color selector for easy my life. I am using UIColor Macro for Xcode. I just want to chose color, copy rgb and paste in to xcode. That all. Don’t want to open images and other apps.

http://saturngod.github.io/iOS7Colors/ is easy to use . Just click , copy the color code. You can chose hex or RGB. Click on the clolor, you can see color with full screen. And then click on the full screen color again , it will go back to the main screen again.


13. September 2013

Why fighting ?

At the morning of September 11 , 2013 , there is a lot of news about iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. I also watched at night. I am using iPhone 4s and I need to change in this year. So, I decided to change iPhone 5s but I don’t know what color should I chose. At facebook , some people wrote there is no innovation in iPhone 5s. They will change to Android. Some android user wrote there is no new in iPhone 5s. iPhone 5c is ugly. They are talking what they think. They don’t know exactly what is 64 bits. But they wrote it’s nothing and just for marketing. Some people wrote no 4GB , 64 bits is nothing. Some people wrote it’s expensive. Apple fan boy are defend and fighting with android fan.

I want to ask , it’s for what ? I don’t understand. Why people are fighting to apple or android , for what ? They are not developers. They are user. They are talking from user point of view. Apple didn’t pay me and Android too. Why are they fighting ? All are the user and we are using what we want. Nobody pay us. We pay to Apple or Samsung or HTC or other phone company. So, we can chose what we want. Why fighting ?

For developer , platform is a problem. We complain sometime , that one can do in Android and can’t do in iOS. That one is easy in iOS and it’s not easy to done in Android. So, they complain. I can accept this one. But some fan are not complain , they want to fight and they want to show they are using best phone.

Some people can’t buy iPhone and they wrote it’s expensive. Some people using S4 and complain to iPhone 5s screen size. Nobody force to use the iPhone 5s or any other Android. You can chose what you like. You can try before you buy. Some people like stable and easy to use , so they are using iOS. Some people what to hack or change anything as they want , so using Android. Simple. There is no complicate. If you want to use Pages on mobile or tablet, use iPhone or iPad. Don’t buy Android. If you are using Android and can’t use Pages, don’t complain to the Apple or Android. It’s your choice. We don’t know exactly how fast new CPU in iPhone 5s and is it really 40x faster than before. We didn’t know now. We can’t prove anything yet. So, why complain about 64 bits.

If you are using Android , is there a reason to complain the iphone ? You don’t like iPhone and you already use Android. Why complain ?

Same like apple fan. You already like Apple product and why fight with Android. It’s wasting our time. It’s useless. Nobody pay us for fighting between us. Nobody pay free phone for against with other fans.

Yes, somebody want big screen and using iPhone. They want size like HTC one x+ or galaxy s4 for iPhone. From developer point of view, we need to change a lot. If apple change the ratio , all the apps need to re write again. When iPhone 5 release , we are big trouble and tested and change the UI to support iPhone 5. It’s just only height changes. If apple change the screen size with same ratio , it shouldn’t be problem. But must be same ratio to fix with current app design. I don’t know why apple only change height . If apple change the screen size with same ratio, it will be awesome for us. But, it can’t fit perfectly with one hand.

For my point of view , mobile world didn’t change so much. So many people are boring for iPhone and Android. Only changes is hardware and UI design. No big changes like first version of iPhone announcement. It feel like arrive the highest limit of the smart phone. But if you compare iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s , it look different. Most of the people are expecting too much for most of the Apple Events.

Still waiting iWatch and I really hope it better than samsung galaxy gear.