Is Swift Really Fast ?

Apple claimed that swift is faster than the Objective-C. However, I feel is slower than Objective-C. When I writing the custom keyboard with Swift , IDE response too slow and Sourcekitservice use over 100% CPU usages. It may be the IDE bug and X-Code 6 still beta 2.

So, I tried to sort the array with bubblesort with Objective-C and Swift like following.

As the result , Objective-C done is 0.297070 miliseconds and Swift Done in 14 miliseconds. It’s so much different. So, I change the swift compiler method to Fastest and It done ine 0.5 miliseconds. Not so much different with Objective-C but still slow.

I hope, it’s a bug and apple will fix in next version of xcode 6 release. I love the Swift because it’s safer and easier than Objective-C. However, I don’t want to use if it’s slower than Obective-C at run time.

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