ASP.NET & Myanmar

I don’t like ASP.NET because of web.config. Developer can’t do ask his like. Developer must know about .NET Framework and web.config. What the f@@k !!! .NET is design for Customer not for developer. I need to learn about web.config :( Howev…er,PHP , Python , Ruby are design for Developer Happy. if you’re clearly understand about web.config, sometime “Server Error in ‘/‘ Application. Runtime Error ..@##@#”. Most of the myanmar web developer don’t config in web.config. But XSS can’t test ASP.NET,may be web.config cover it. Most of the Myanmar Developer using ASP.NET and they don’t have a knowledge in XSS and also SQL Injection. So, most the their websites alway occur Run Time Error. Server Error because they don’t check about XSS. They don’t use Server.HtmlEncode in their website.


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