Ava framework

Last 2 year, our Myanmar technical forum, mysteryzillion , decided to move from vbulletin to others. We didn’t found any good forums software. We want to make like stackoverflow. So, I decided to write myself. I crazed codeigniter and want to make with it. However, I decided to make framework from zero. Why? New website is a collection of social network, Facebook, openid, twitter, etc. I gave the name, Apiwork.

I developed the stackoverflow clone within 6 month. I could do only part time for this development. After development, we tested and I couldn’t make completely. In this vanilla 2 popular and it can support q&a. So, we all decided to move vanilla. My stackoverflow clone was die.

However, my framework is still alive. I changed to Ava framework from apiwork. Ava (Innwa) is one of the ancient cities in Myanmar.

I published my Ava framework at oct 2011 in github. First phase is base in codeigniter idea. I felt CI is awesome. When I tested Expressjs, wowww!! Routing system is brilliant. However, I noticed later, it looks like Sinatra Framework. But it has so many features in routing system and it made me confuse.

When I started working at edencr8, I need to make background API for most of the projects. I realized CI is not good for making RESTFUL API. I decided to change like Sinatra framework but I want to make easy to understand and easy to develop. The first target is can use other library easily. I call plugin. Now, Ava frame work version 1.0.2 is available at Github . I finished the wiki in github also. You can learn from wiki easily. You can check public project management page at http://www.wunderkit.com/ava-fw . I put task and new feature for next version.

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