Bullshit microsoft

I really piss off and can’t control my anger now. My surface gone after 1 week and I sent back to US. I gave them with full packing like when I bought. Adapter , pen and surface. Yes, also nice packing.

After over 3 week , it arrive back to Singapore. Off course , I gave 7% tax again for this surface. In this time, they just gave me with ugly yellow box packing. In the box , no adapter , no pen. Only surface. What the hell !!!

Are you crazy or bully your customer ? How can I use surface without adapter and pen ? Why don’t sent back with my packing. I got a call from my bro at last 2 days. He told me , Microsoft sent adapter for your surface. At this time , I confused. Why they send adapter ? I told him , OK , send with normal air mail , please bro. No need to send with DHL Express. I thought , adapter is already there at box.

Today , arrive back my surface. After opening the packing , What the hell , yellow box. Where is my original surface packing ? Open the yellow box, only surface. Where is adapter ? Where is the pen ? I sent back with full packing. Where it is ? How to use this bullshit one. Now, I can’t contact to microsoft because of it’s night at US.

Why they don’t care about customer ? Why it happen like that ?

OK , I decided. No more microsoft product in my life again. They are bullshit and bully the customer. I will gave aways my XBox to my relative. I don’t want to see microsoft product in my life again. I really hate and angry. Bullshit! Microsoft. This is not the first time happen in my life and I can’t control myself now.

To microsoft ,

I understand why microsoft products are not success in this years. Don’t do only on marketing. Please, care your customers who bought your products.


Warranty return device and old broken device are same serie number. Is it repair device instead of new ?

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