Choosing Todo list

I was using wunderlist before apple relese reminder app on iOS and Mac OS X. I told my friend , “Hey try to use wunderlist, it’s awesome” when they release first version. Wunderlist is awesome but I feel it a bit slow and something not right. I don’t what what is not right. When they releaes wunderlist 2, I didn’t use any more. I don’t know why I don’t like wunderlist. I think ,it may be design problem. I am not sure. Wunderlist have full feature that I require but why I feel it something not right and didn’t use anymore.

After that I found trello. It’s really awesome. I love so much. However, I am alone . No need to do , drag and drop , Add Task -> doing -> done . It’s wasting the time. If I am using with team, it will be awesome. For only one person, just need to add and after finish , click done. That all. I search on google and I found Asana. Most of the people recommend Asana. So, I have tried to use again. Asana is awesome. Fast , design is really neat and nice. Support shortcut in webbrowser. However, they didn’t support iPad version. I tired to use iPhone app but UI Design is not design for iPad and usability is slow. They should support iPad version.

I tried to use a lot of apps and I am not happy. So, I tried to think myself.

Do I really need todo list ? If yes, what feature do you need ?

I wrote down all the features that I need

  • Must native support and can sync iPhone ,iPad ,Mac and Web
  • Allow to create Category
  • Support Due Date for some of the task
  • Can list down all my todo from all category
  • Support Offline
  • Good UI/UX
  • Free

What features are not require for me ?

  • Multi-user and sharing feature
  • Social feature
  • comment feature
  • descrption or note feature
  • attach file feature
  • Preminium feature Or Pro version

After listing down what I want and what I don’t want , I tried to find the todo list again. If I couldn’t find , I have decided to create my own.

I found two ,

  1. Wunderlist
  2. Apple Reminder

Wunderlist have all the feature that I want. However, they have all the feature that I don’t want except social feature.

Apple Reminder don’t have list down all my todo list from all category. However, they don’t have what I don’t want. Very simple todo it. I only tried one Apple Reminder when they release. It’s just for testing and I thought I would never use this app.

Now, I am using Reminder and really happy. Next time , If I want to change again , I should write my own instead of finding new one.

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