Deploy website using git

I am writing HTML5 Myanmar books using HTML. So, I was using github pages. However, my book is not opensource and I don’t want to allow other people to fork or edit. So, I deleted the repo. After that , I love so much git style publishing. We don’t need to upload the code. I wrote some text and just use git push to update the website. So, I tried appfog. It can do like gh pages. I just need to call af update mybook . However, we can’t use with own domain if we are using free account. So, I decied to make on my own git server.

Setup git server

First , need to install git.

sudo apt-get install git

Second, we need to add ssh key for pushing the new code without entering password again and again.

Let get your ssh key from your local computer. If you don’t know check on github. You will get at ~/.ssh/ . Copy the ssh public key.

cat ~/.ssh/

And then copy the text.

Server side

We need to add your local public key to server. First , let create temp file.

vi /tmp/

crete file and paste your key in /tmp/

cat /tmp/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now ssh key has been authroized and no need to enter password again.

Let create git server on your server.

mkdir /opt/git
mkdir /opt/git/myproject.git
cd /opt/git/myproject.git
git --bare init

Now, we have made the git repo at /opt/git/myproject.git. But we need to create hook for checkout at server after push from local computer.

cd /opt/git/myproject.git/hooks
vi post-update

in post-update

GIT_WORK_TREE=/var/www/yourwebsite/ git checkout -f

In this code git checkout -f is git command and you can use any git command.

Last thing to do it change the permission.

sudo chmod +x /opt/git/myproject.git/hooks/post-update

Publish website using git

Let create a folder at local for our private git repo.

mkdir myproject
cd  myproject
git init
git add .
git commit -m 'init commit'
git remote add origin root@yourIP:/opt/git/myproject.git
git push origin master

After that , check at /var/www/yourwebsite/ . You will see at there. Ok, put all files in your myproject folder at local computer

git add .
git commit -m 'publish website'
git push origin master

And then check again /var/www/yourwebsite/ on your server. All of your files will be there and no need to uplaod using SFTP or FTP.

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