Creating Vanilla Addon

I created the mmwebfonts vanilla addon . From my experience , developing vanilla add on is not easy like the wordpress. When I developed the wordpress add on , most of the documents are read at wordpress codex .

When I started to create add on , I don’t know where to start. We can start read at However, it’s a very few documentation. I want to add css at the header of the vanilla forum. So, I check from other add on that already develop. Same like the setting page. There is no information for how to create setting page. I found one tutorial at Vanilla Community Forum . Something I need to read the original source code at

The current mmwebfonts code is simple plugin and easy to create. However , I take a time for searching setting page , how to put menu on site page.

Example : I want to put menu on under settings page. I try to put like this

$Menu->AddLink('Settings', T('MMWebFonts'), 'settings/mmwebfonts', 'Garden.Settings.Manage');

It was not working and it was showing another Settings Menu. Thanks , github because I can find source code on garden. I try to find $Menu->AddLink at garden source code . I found settings/class.hooks.php . In there , I found like this

$Menu->AddLink('Site Settings', T('Routes'), 'dashboard/routes', 'Garden.Settings.Manage');

So, I changed my code like

$Menu->AddLink('Site Settings', T('MMWebFonts'), 'settings/mmwebfonts', 'Garden.Settings.Manage');

and it’s working like what I want.

I hope, vanilla will support full documentation for plugin API.

Now, when I want to do plugin , I need to read from current add on. How did they do , I need to search on vanilla community forum. If I couldn’t find it , I need to ask at vanilla forum and need to wait the response.

The plugin is so small , but need to do a lot before writing proper code.

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