Dec 6 2009 Sun 1:08 AM

ornagai not support zawgyi 2009 in current development because I don’t know zawgyi 2009 structure detail. I need to write 2009 to 2008 in Zawgyi Library. First, I must ask ko soe min for Zawgyi 2009 store code point or I try from Windows. Ornagai is near to release. If you want to know news, you can follow in github. You can see my code. I just use CI and Jquery. Many thing to do for Ornagai V2. I will release source code and I will build official site soon. Huuuu….. it’s not too hard but sometime I want to rest and I am lazy for to do that. Yes, I am lazy boy. Now, frontend 80% done and backend 10% done. I will update www.ornagai.com when frontend 100% done. I will release all source code include database when backend 100%. I mean just v2. It will be 2.2 , 2.3,etc. OK… time to sleep.

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