Don't want to pay

Did you buy some tool for development ? Yes, I bought but not too much. Most of the tools that I am using are open source or free. Did you subscribe some service for development ? For me, only hosting. I hate subscription.

Most of the developer don’t want to pay for service. Don’t like subscription. We like changllenge. If the service is really good and expensive , we are trying to find alternative opensource. I am using sublime text 2 free version and Textastic (bought from Mac App store) and textmate 2. Yes, I am using 3 text editor and only Textastic that I bought because it’s cheap. I want to buy sublime text 2 but I feel expensive. It didn’t support Myanmar Unicode and I can’t write HTML book with sublime text 2. I can’t write Myanmar Website with sublime text 2. That is one of the reason I don’t want to buy sublime text 2. For Myanmar Unicode, I use textmate for development and Textastic for writing blog. I didn’t use Textastic for development because it lack a lot of features. Drag and drop folder to open , file explorer functions are not included. It look like nothing for development. I hope , Textastic’s developer will upgrade some feature. Now, it’s just text editor for writing blog for me. I understand , we can’t satisfy any text editor until we develop our own editor.

Parse , stackmob and other backend service for data storage are popular now. Parse is look stable and safe enough now. But other services are feel not safe enough. We afarid to change or write again after the serivce shutdown. It’s very hard to trust the new service or startup. Startup for Developer are really awesome. But most of them can’t survive. For developer focus is very hard to survive.

I bought delpoymate but it’s not really useful like what they are talking. I feel worse. It’s a one reason I don’t want to buy developer tool. If the tool results can’t get what I except, I feel worse. I just used two or three time. Developer are not same like normal user. They are fewer than normal user. They only buy or subscription if it’s really useful and can use in their daily life. I prefer opensource and setup on our own server. Setup on our own server take time and need to do server management also. But it fun. We can know the new thing. We can learn a new thing. That why we love opensource. I feel , developers have a problem with subscription. They want to buil theirself. Yes, me,too. I always want to built myself instead of buying or subscription. I always find alternative if I need to subscrption or buy. Or we subscript it when we can get back money. Example: Apple Developer account , Google Play Store , etc. Look like freemium model change our mind like we can’t pay but they can make money from other way.

I use following for my app development

  • Sketch 2 (Bought from App Store)
  • Pixelmator (Bought from App Store)
  • Textasitc (Bought from App Store)
  • Textmate 2 (
  • Sublimte Text 2 (Free version)
  • Delpoymate (Bought it but didn’t use)
  • Intellij Idea 12 (Community Edition)
  • Xcode (Free Download from App Store)
  • Source Tree (Free Download)
  • Firefox SQLite Manager addon (Free)

If it’s a developer focus, should be pay one time payment like Kirby . We love one time payment and no problem for hosting on our server. We want to pay if the app is really great and just one time payment. Yes, focus on developer market business is really hard to success. If your startup is focus on developer , survey first. Make a meeting with some companies that they require your service from your opinion. Your problem can solve with your product but it may not solve our developers problem.

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