Ebooks are like apps

Before I bought the Nook Simple Touch , I bought ebooks from kobo because it’s cheap and always have discount coupon. Sometime , I got 30% or 50% discount. Example: I only need to pay $13.12 for Art of start Ebook. In B&N , it cost $18.99. So, I always bought it from Kobo and read with my iPad.

I bought Nook Simple Touch. I just test and play around but I didn’t use for reading a book. Last month , I want to read a book again. So, I check on B&N. They are the great service like Read on The Web , iPad , iPhone App and they also have Mac app. Wow, that great. I have one problem. Can I transfer my Kobo ebooks to B&N ? The answer is yes but not all feature.

I want to change service like a phone or internet. Just call them and tell them I want to transfer from this to this. Simple and not so much work. I can transfer it. However, ebooks can’t do like that. I can read ebook from kobo. Download ePub , transfer with Adobe Digital Edition because of Adobe DRM. I feel it take a lot of staff. In iPad is OK , just download Kobo app and download ebook easily. In Nook Simple Touch , I can’t do like that.

I can only download from B&N. I can share text only B&N book. Bookmark sync only work in B&N book. All side loaded books are not working with B&N service. I feel , something wrong. I feel it shouldn’t be like that. It look like they are forcing user to buy book from B&N. I don’t want to buy from B&N because it’s a bit expensive then Kobo (not all book but most of the book that I want to buy).

You may ask , why don’t buy ebook reader from Kobo ? Yes, I want but I can’t . I bought Nook Simple Touch at february 2012. At this time , we can’t buy Kobo Ebook Reader.

Ebooks are selling like the apps. They are marketing like app. They are selling service for reading ebook. Like read on web , read on any platform. They are selling device for reading. It look like free app with in app purchases system. I can play free but if you want other feature , you need to pay. Nook Simple Touch reader are like that. You can read ePub from other book store but if you want the sync feature , must buy from B&N. Not possible to transfer current kobo book to B&N account. Yes, it’s not possible. Like Apple iCloud service can’t work on Android.

I understand cloud service cost is expensive. Transfer or merge account from other service it hard. Ebooks is not the Object like book. Book is a Object. You can transfer to other people easily. You can also donate or sell after you read. Ebook is a app. In app , after you finish the game or not using anymore , you can’t sell back. One time you pay , it always for you. Can’t resell or donate or transfer to other people because it’s a app. So, ebook is the same.

For me ebooks are not book object. It’s an app.

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