Facetime, iCloud and my Dad

I bought iPad 2 for my father long time ago. He didn’t use much because he may not have a time. He just use for playing game , facebook and email. He don’t have apple account also. He live in Myanmar. In Myanmar, most of the people are using internet via mobile phone. He also use via phone. Last week, I told him “Can you use facetime ?”. He said , “What is it ?”. I told him , search facetime on your iPad. He said, “it is asking email and password”. I understand , he don’t know how to setup apple account , iCloud , facetime , etc.

So, I create the apple id first for him. After that , I create another user account in my mac book pro. I create iCloud with his apple id. I sent message to him “Login with this email and password in facetime”. After he setup , I tried to call him with facetime. Wow, impressive. Video quaility is good enough. Sound is clear. We used Skype before. The quality is not good like facetime. I can’t hear or he can’t hear my voice when we are using. The connection is not stable. However, facetime is really stable. I don’t know , how apple did. But quality is more stable than skype and tango. In Myanmar, Viber is really popular but voice are not always stable. We can say, mostly stable than other services.

He said , “How can I call you ?”. Me: “You need to put my contact in your contact list.” Dad: “????” Me: “OK, Dad. Just wait a minute.”

I login iCloud via www.icloud.com. Setup his contact books. Add all family phone number. Lucky , all of my family are using iOS. All have apple account and facetime. I put all contacts in his iCloud contact list. After that, call him again.

Me: “Dad, go to the setting on your iPad.” Me: “Can you see the iCloud” Dad: “Yes, put it is your email.” Me: “Can you see red button. Delete account. Press it. Just Delete everything.” Dad: “Done.” Me: “Login with your. Enable iCloud contact and email”. Dad: “Wait a minute.” Dad: “OK. Now. what next ?” Me: “Open Contact app from your ipad.” Dad: “Done. It open” Me: “Can you see contact list ? If sometime asking about delete local contact, just click yes.” Dad: “OK.” Dad: “I saw all my family contact list in the app” Me: “OK. Go back to facetime and Click the contact on tab. You will see contact and you can call them with facetime.” Dad: “I saw it. Let me try to call you.”

He called me. After that he called my sistes. We can see each other via facetime. Good sound quailty and video. I happy and he, too.

He said “When I arrive back to Yangon, I will call you again with your Mom.”

Me: “Yes, Dad. Call me when you free. The sound quality is much better than Viber”

Thank you apple. You made our life more easier. Without iCloud , I can’t help my Dad contact page.

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