Firefox won't fix Zawgyi issue

Firefox won’t fix zawgyi issue on Mac.

Jonathan Kew said

The issue here is that the Zawgyi-One font lacks proper layout tables for Myanmar. When loading fonts for “complex” scripts (that require appropriate glyph shaping for correct rendering), Firefox on OS X checks whether the font has the necessary tables, and if not, it will skip it and fall back to a different font.

This font is apparently using the Unicode Myanmar codepoints, but is designed to be used -without- proper shaping support, by instead encoding the text in a “visual” way rather than properly following the Unicode standard for representing Myanmar text.

We’re not going to invest time in trying to support hacks like this. There is a Unicode standard for Myanmar, and an increasing number of fonts that support it. That’s what people should be using for interoperable Myanmar text on the web.

(One other thing: I notice that this font appears to be based on a hacked version of Microsoft’s Tahoma; as such, I suspect that it is in breach of the Tahoma license terms.

ref: Bugzilla

Is it good or bad for Myanmar people ? Will use firefox on Mac or not ? Bad news for most people who use zawgyi and firefox on mac. Good news for some people who use unicode only and firefox on mac.

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