Fixed Font Fallback System in iOS 6.1

Yesterday , apple has been released the iOS 6.1 beta 5. I wrote about Font Fallback problem in IOS 6 and I wanted to test iOS 6.1. I really hoped , it would fix in iOS 6.1. I also reported to apple bug report. They fixed font fall back problem in iOS 6.1 and no longer issue now. I can open my email , safari and there is no issue. However, some time UIWebView have a lagging but it can acceptable for me.

I can’t full test because apple still not release the new Xcode for iOS 6.1 beta 5 yet. And there is no beta 5 Release Notes and API Diffs , yet also. I checked on the iOS 6.1 beta 4 notes and they didn’t mention about this bug. Some people told me, it already fixed in iOS 6.1 beta 4.

However, it’s a good news for us. In my email and facebook have a lot of Myanmar text and no longer to read well with iOS 6.0. Now, I can check my email , facebook with no lagging with iOS 6.1 beta 5. I hope, apple will release iOS 6.1 at first week of February.

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