Now, I am running ghost on the open shift. Ghost is just another blog engine like wordpress but it’s using markdown for writing.

The Feature I Like and hate

Markdown Editor on ghost is good. But the preview has a problem. After adding image , it always blink after typing. It’s so bad. I worry about the real time preview on ghost. I am using Mou . It have real time markdown preview. However, it can’t handle for so long text with so many images. If we put a lot of text and images in markdown , the preview is really slow. So, I worried about that in ghost.

Upload image is awesome. Just put


in the editor. It will show like


It’s awesome. but it make a preivew screen slow and blink a lot.

Original theme is really good. I checked the template and it’s using So, we can make template for blog easily. If you know how to make tempalte in wordpress , you can make it easily.

I love Sqlite and hate also. It’s good for small amount of data. Not recommend for so many data. I prefer mongodb with node.js than SQLite.

However , it’s a good start and waiting import form other platform. Yes, it’s not easy but they will do it.

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