Got Microsoft Surface

I bought Microsoft Surface for Valentine’s day gift to my wife. However, I couldn’t make it because it was out of stock. I ordered it but microsoft cancel the order after out of stock. So, I waited 2 week and pre order 2 surface again. One for my wife and one for my elder sister. After that shipping to singapore via comgateway.

Surface parking is amazing and really simplicity. Very simple and neat parking. Surface is a great product and design but it’s heavy than what we think. I can’t hold too long on my hand like ipad.



The main problem of surface is over heat when we charge and using. Yesterday , I was installing MS SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition for my wife. And I restart and update the windows. It’s showing updating. After a minute , it was showing thermometer icon and shutdown. What happen ? Showing thermometer icon ? So, it mean over heat ? Confuse. I tried to carry surface . “Oh! it is so hot . I should un-plug for charging” . After 10 minute , I open again and surface start updating again. After that it’s ok. Surface is working fine without charging and using at the same time.


If you are charging and using at the same time , surface will over heat it. Not only my wife computer. Same thing happen on my elder sister computer also. She also using surface . Now, she exchange with Dell XPS 12 Touch that my younger sister using. She told me , she can’t use so many thing and always over heat and hang. Dell is working fine. Why ? I have no answer. After that I got same problem like her.

I understand now because she is using and charging at the same time. It will over heat and auto shutdown. When she copying the files from her old one to micro SD card in surface, it overheat and shutdown. Surface can’t work so much CPU work. When we are giving too much instruction or hug file size copying , CPU overheat and it will be shutdown. That is so bad. Microsoft should fix this problem , soon.

My wife didn’t carry surface like her Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. She told me , surface is so cute and light weight than current computer. She love it. But she never use like tablet. She just put on table and using with keyboard.

Touch cover keyboard is really cute and amazing. But touch cover on touch keyboard is not good enough for me. I can’t type like normal keyboard. It look really cool and amazing. But can’t type well like normal keyboard. She was using like touch screen keyboard with finger. Look like touch keyboard is not design for typing and writer. Surface look like design for touch screen. The keys are not problem. The problem is right click and left click. Very hard to do right and left click with touch cover keyboard.

I should by Type Cover instead. Touch cover is beauty but useless for her. Type Cover is only one color and ugly for my point of view. I hope, microsoft will release Type Cover with more color.

However, she happy and satisfied with surface. I told her , not charge and use at the same time. Without overheat , everything is nice.


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