Habari Should Be Improve Quickly

Nowsady, many people making blog and share their knowledge or review. Many blog engine are appear and wordpress is the top of the opensource blog engine. I use harbari in my english blog and use wordpress for myanmar blog. Wordpress is a easy to use and easy to change sidebar and also many plugins. Habari, easy to use but too hard to change sidebar because we want to change sidebar, use ftp and after changes we need to upload again. It’s terriable things. Wordpress can change code in theri admin panel. Why habari can’t ? They should make to change template file ( .php , .css , .js ) in admin panel. After that , we can easily change a sidebar.

Habari also have many plugins and many template. They also have wiki and it’s very useful to us. We can check some CMS in there and also see in the wiki. I love habari because of customization. Habari can customize easier than wordpress. I hope habari will popular like wordpress becuase most people use habari in todays.

PS: most of the plugin don’t work in habari 0.6.2.

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