Happy New Year !!!

<div>Happy New Year !!! Now ... Today is 1.1.11\. All are the one. The great number for all of us.</div><p /><div>In 2011, I need to do many things. For my blog , </div><p /><div>I need to rewrite plugin for combo box. I dont&#039; like current unicode, zawgyi combo box. I want to change UI and some code. Many things we need to do in 2011. </div> <p /><div>For my life 2010 have many changes for my life.</div><p /><div>- I change to iOS developer from web developer. But I still working Web Development for my own project. </div><div>- I changed Zawgyi to Unicode at 31 Dec 2010.</div> <div>- I wrote many opensource in 2010 and use github and bitbucket repo.</div><div>- I used iPad and iPhone in 2010.</div><div>- I published ornagai iphone app.</div><div>- I used mac mini in 2010.</div><div>- My default browser is RockMelt in 2010.</div> <div>- I read many book in 2010 and I love မြန်မာပြည်သား that is written by Yangon Ba Swe.</div><p /><div>We depress , We surprise , We happy , We share , We lost , We got many things happend in 2010\. Now arrive 2011 and we will meet many good things and bad things. But we are ready for 2011.</div> <p /><div>Happy New Year!!!</div>
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