Haroopad Markdwon Editor

I used lightpaper , Mouapp , textastic and atom for writing markdown. However, I can’t satisfy with this editor. Lightpaper and Mou are not support GitHub Flavored Markdown. So, syntax highlight alwasy problem. Can’t export syntax highlight with pre and code with class.When I export , it should be like that

<pre><code class='objc'></code></pre>

However, it didn’t and I need to change manually.

Mou is too slow when write a lot of text. Lightpaper is really light weight and only problem with Github Flavoured Markdown and export. I don’t want to export text. I just want top copy HTML from markdown after writing.

Haroopad is exactly what I want but it still not support unicode character. Same like other web editor, cursor position wrong when I use Myanmar Unicode.

However, it’s light weight and support theme. It can export HTML to clipboard. So, I can paste it in my blog. The other best thing is , it support GitHub Flavored Markdown. I can export the syntax highlight text , table , etc.

It also support cross platform (mac,windows and linux) and it’s opensource.

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