I got phpfog

Today, I got invitation from [phpfog](https://phpfog.com/). Thank phpfog for invite me. 

You have been selected to enter the PHP Fog Beta program!

PHP Fog provides instant installation and N-tier scalable cloud deployment for PHP applications.

We allow one click installations of popular tools like Drupal and WordPress, and will extend this soon with super simple scaling tools. In the past, deploying PHP apps was as painful as configuring Windows 95 network settings. We make cloud deployment, scaling and running PHP-based apps as simple as installing an iPhone app.

We have free tier that you can use in any way you want. Sign up, try it, and please let us know what you think:

Your feedback is our lifeblood and we are building the product around what our users tell us they want. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lucas Carlson – Founder – phpfog.com

I'm very happy and I'm waiting too long to get phpfog beta access. They have Free Plan for 6 month. That is great. I want to know what different between phpfog and other cloud hosting. I'm thinking about rackspace cloud hosting , too. When we use phpfog, we don't take too much time for setup wordpress, sugarcrm , joomla , drupal. It's great idea. We can also create own php application. OK. I choose the own php application because I want to test ornagai on phpfog.


PHPFog is not cheap. At least , we need to pay $29/month for one application. That is expensive but we don't need to worry about server loading.


I used free plan because I want to just test. The best idea is they are using git. That is brilliant idea but it may come from Heroku . I'm using github , too much. So, I really love git more than hg. I don't know, why I love git. I don't have reason but I really love it. Ok, let go back to phpfog. After I created the phpfog application , I got a subdomain of ornagai. Yes, we can make our own domain ,too.


We need to setup like git hosting. Need ssh public key and then clone , add , push. Phpfog also support documentation. Nice documentation but git is very familiar with me. So, no need for me :D . They also gave MySQL database include username and password that host on amazon. I worried about phpmyadmin but they already gave me a link. That is great. I could transfer my database easily. After I pushed , I tried on website . Oop!! it show apache default page. So, I double checked and I pulled again. All are working fine. All of my file already pushed. I can pull my latest files but it was not updated in server. I found same problem like me in their server. Now, they are fixing and it will be come , soon. Let see , how about ornagai on phpfog.


I'm very excited , now …..

Thank , phpfog for invited me and twitter supported.

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