Images to Epub [ python script ]

I bought Nook Simple Touch and I can&#039;t read Manga like iPad. I am fan of One Piece , Naruto and Bleach. I found a solution. Download all images from []( and create .html with img tag. After that making epub with [calibre]( Week by week is not a easy for me. That is a Lazy work. So, I decided to write code for easy my life.<p /> I searched some code from github and found someone already did to download all images from chapter. I used ruby script from []( to download all images. Next step is to make epub. This time , I need to write my own. After 3 hour writing , I finished the script.You can check from   [](<p /> <div style="margin-left:40px;">$python _&lt;dir&gt;_ _&lt;image format&gt;_

I need image format for epub. jpg and png are not the same MIME. So, user need to add image format also.

If I have a time, I will write mangareader chapter download with python script. It will be more easier for other users who only use python.

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