In App Purchase with iOS [Solved]

Yesterday , I started in app purchase for our office new app. First time, It was crazy. I search on google and I found tutorial on [ ]( it's not full code and couldn't clear. How to test ? How to create sandbox ? I have many question after I read tutorial from []( I tried step by step and it's not working. After that I found another one. It's from apple. [In App Purchase Programming Guide]( . I understand most of the follow but there is no sample code in guide book. After I read guide from apple, I rewrote again and I got empy product list. I search again on google and I found [this]( Stackoverflow answer is really useful. I found [In App Purchase Walk Through]( Tutorial from stackoverflow. []( tutorials is really great and he explain everything. All step are step by step. I met again the same problem. I received product list is empty. So, I deleted app from my device and try again. Finally, everything is working fine. Thank []( It help me alot and I know to how to create test user and how to write code.
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