iphone 4s

I went to the queue at clementi mall stathub at 9 am today. My turn arrived at 11:45 and I really hoped I would get iPhone 4S. However, starhub was asking about my bank billing. I don’t understand why they are asking me about bank billing ? They told, they need to confirm address. That is stupid answer. Bill address may change. I don’t buy any house at Singapore yet. So, I may change my house. Why they need to confirm. I queue so long time and it’s nothing. I told the starhub , “I will go back and take my bank billing. Should I need to queue again ?” , He told yes and calling to another one. WTF!! I didn’t finish yet. It look like they don’t want to sell to me. I went back home and took a billing paper and wait the queue again. After 2 hours my turn will arrive soon. However, some of the people were asking about stock. They have no more stock and only 64 gb available . But they didn’t declare it. If he didn’t ask or I didn’t ask , I couldn’t know. Starhub don’t care about the queue and customer. So, I went to the Jurong Point starhub. Same. Didn’t care about the customer. After 10 minute , they show out of stock. I went to the IMM and no more starhub again. I don’t want to buy from starhub. First time , I feel , they are careless. They don’t care I buy or not. So, I choose the M1.

When I arrive M1 at 2 pm, it already have a long queue. When I started the queue , two M1 girls gave me the queue number and some form. It mean, I am sure to get iPhone 4S today. Not like starhub. M1 list all the stock and gave a paper for queue. They can check easily stock available or not. After 2 hour queue, I got the another queue number. But this time no need to queue again. I went around IMM and having dinner at IMM also. 9 pm , my queue number is showing and I just took my iphone 4s. Yes, I waste 12 hour ( 9am to 9 pm ) for iphone 4s. When I use iphone 4s, Siri don’t understand my pronunciation. Some pronunciation can understand in UK and some can understand in US. So, I can’t use Siri but I can study English pronunciation with Siri. Finally , I got iPhone 4s in today. It cost is not only money but also including the times.

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