Most of the people need to proxy by pass software for ban website. I know about many software and I like your-feedom and JAP. I like JAP because we don’t need to register account. Your-Freedom can surf 128 KB/s and JAP can surf approximately 100 KB/s but JAP is more stable than your-feedom. Your-feedom always connection broken and retry again but JAP is stable. So, I like it.

Your-Feedom and JAP are written by java and we need java runtime for that. So, you need to check java run time in your computer. In command (Windows) or Terminal (Linux) type

$java -version

and you will see java run time version. If you don’t see it, you need to install java run time. After installed java run time, you can download JAP from there. You can run JAP like follwoing line after complete download.

$java -jar JAP.jar

JAP will open and you need to some configure for that. I think you should choice, green line option. JAP use localhost:4001 for proxy and you need to change proxy in your browser. We can us Free Service in JAP and we can remove preminum service in JAP config. I love JAP and I am using now for access denied page.





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