just talking myself

I never say not to use unicode. ppl can change what they like…. no reason to give me ;) I can change and I will never give reason… because I do for myself ….. and share what I done… I’m not creator of zawgyi :haha…. I’m using what I like and ppl can’t complain about that to me. What should I change ? :P I know what is suitable for me,now. I never think about searching with myanmar text… :P I don’t want to be one of the creators of mm search engines :P I am glad to hear about mm unicode progress and cheer!!! They believe they do for mm ppl and zawgyi may believe ,too. I don’t know who is right. At my work, I don’t need myanmar font and client never asks about unicode LOL!!! I’m happy about that. I don’t need to use UTF-8 for all of my project at work. haha… that is great and happy for me. Ya… I know standard… but I don’t understand clearly about standard. I do what I like. I can change what I need. So, zawgyi or unicode, Never mind. Now, I use just English in my job. Imm… how about keyboard ? ya.. I do it for myself (for my own interest), not for zawgyi. I want to use it, so i try my best for Zawgyi. If you want to use , why don’t you try? (If I can try , so I don’t use that like black berry :P )it’s so suck. No one can add font there. First , I have to buy BB but I never buy BB because it is just only for businessman , not for geek. A geek’s phone is either Android or iPhone. I don’t know Android but it’s a great phone and unicode can be run. But, in iPhone unicode can’t be run.

All of the problem is not based on me. If I change to use unicode, do you think my fans will change unicode? LOL!!! I don’t think so. I don’t have many fans. I just have over 100 fans. Most of them are not geeks and most are don’t know about what is OS ? What is Unicode ? they just love my reading . They don’t do what I let them do.

Ya… change… change… that great word is 2009 ;) Maya told change… change… now, where is Maya… ? In the world, most important thing is who can beat other ? who can share love ? I believe, Your true love can beat other. So, just give true love to ppl and you will grow with your love and you can beat other. haha… ya… ppl may change… they will grow and they wanna kick other… that is a human nature… I believe, we just need to love for success…. ppl can’t feel your luv in short time. Most of the ppl can give true luv in short time and they can’t give long time….. check the world… I luv steve and bill … they luv so much their product and they believe their product will success… and they believe their customers…. and they luv their customers and clients… they respect to other…. yes… steve always kicks his competitor but he never kicks their customers and he luv the ppl. Yes, bill also luv the ppl in their world. We can see what they do. They try to change themselves. Not try to change the world. So, change yourself and not try to change the other ppl.

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