Logitech Powershell

I bought the logitech powershell for my iPhone 5s. Now, iOS 7 support controller however, it doesn’t support in many games. I bought this controller for GBA4iOS . It support the GBA games with iOS 7 controller. I played mario and megaman zero. So, I can’t play megaman zero with on screen controller because very hard to press L and R.

With iOS 7 controller , I can feel like real Gamebody with iPhone 5s. You can check supported games on logitech website. You can also chect at Pocket Gamer.

Currently I played Asphalt 8: Airborne , Bastion and Shadow Blade. The experience is different. With game controller and iOS 7, it feel like playing with handheld game console. It also include battery to charge your iphone. So, it can save your iphone battery when you play game a lot.

The problem of Logitech Powershell is there is no Analog stick and no L2 , R2 buttons. It’s very hard to play the first person shooter with powershell. You need to move your hand on screen for first person shooter game. It’s very hard to play. I can’t play dead trigger 2 and Respawnables with Powershell controller.

Other Controllers

I found other controller after bought the logitech powershell.


Moga Ace looke good. It’s more lighter and more functional than powershell. I should buy the moga ace instead of logitech powershell.


The another one is steelseries’s startus . If you are in singapore, you can check store at http://steelseries.com/where-to-buy/asia/singapore. It support for iPhone and iPad. However, it’s not portable design like moga ace and powershell. If you want to play with iPad, you shoud buy steeseries.

All the controllers are around USD 100 and it’s expensive. There is no so many games on iOS 7 that support controller. If you want to buy iOS 7 controller for iPhone ,recommand to buy Moga beause of function. If you want silm one, you can buy Powershell. However, it can’t play all the game full function and FPS. If you want to play with iPad , you need to buy startus.

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