Minus File Sharing

Today, I saw minus invitation link on facebook that share via my friend. It&#039;s easy to register and just need to take 5 seconds. I love it because it is super easy to register and easy to share. For first time, we got 10 GB and we can get extra size with link sharing like dropbox. Another awesome feature is **Share Large Files up to 2 GB each. **I said WoWwww. It&#039;s nice. They made a file sharing with social network. We can follow the user like twitter in minus. They also have windows , linux and mac app. We can share screen shot or other files via application ,too. That nice. Other nice feature is iphone ,android app.<p /><div>If you have a time, try minus with my invitation code. Click [here](http://min.us/rqzVbn5) to register , please. :)</div><p /><div><div class='p_embed p_image_embed'>


By the way, minus is not like dropbox. It can't sync the files between computer. It's just social file sharing.

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