New Era for rss readers

Good by Google Reader. Google has been shutdown the RSS reader. I wrote about RIP google reader.

I feel ,it look like after dying Whitebeard in One Piece Anime. It sad but it will bring new era. New innovation RSS readers are appear.

In the old post, I wrote

We are waiting next generation RSS reader. I want to see what Reeder will do ?

Now, we have an answer. Feedly changed to feedly cloud. Not related with google reader. However, My gardar app is dead now. I don’t have enough time to upgrade for gardar app. Reeder support feedly, feedbin and fever.

Most of the people are moving to feedly. Some are moving to Other new awesome RSS readers are

I am happy with digg reader now. It look clean. Awesome feature is , it support Pocket that I use daily.

Now, we need to wait the API. Who will release the public API ? feedbin have public API but it’s not free service. AOL Reader support API and it look like google reader api. So, no need to change a lot. Digg said they will support API and but they didn’t release yet. One unbelievable feature on digg is , they are trying to support Myanmar Unicode with Padauk font in iOS app. However, Padauk font didn’t support on iOS. At least we can see Myanmar characters instead of square.

I am waiting aol and digg API to update gardar. If without google reader dead , we can’t see so many good rss reader like now.

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