Nide , IDE for node.js

I tested [nide]( IDE in last week. It&#039;s look cool but it&#039;s not useful for me. I prefer Sublime Text 2 instead. Nide IDE is really for node.js but it&#039;s running on webbase. Currently I have some project and I can&#039;t edit with nide and it crash. I don&#039;t like the web IDE like cloud9 because I feel it&#039;s slower than Application. I prefer to change syntax color in texteditor. I prefer to change font style. Web IDE is very limited for development. It&#039;s cool but still not awesome.<p /> Nide is same like that. I am happy when I saw Nide. I tested with empty project and it look cool. So, I tested in current project and it crash sometime and app is stop. However, nide is a opensource. I wanted to create the web IDE like nide before. But I don&#039;t have a enough time. When I saw Nide IDE , I said &quot;Woww!! we have a same dream&quot;. You can learn a lot  from [nide]( and you can try to imporve nide IDE. That is really cool.<p /> <div class='p_embed p_image_embed'>


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