Node Log

Yesterday , I trouble with iOS 4.2. One of my colleague is still using iOS 4.2. She is using iPhone 4 and she never upgrade the iOS. We are testing the app in devices and iOS 5 and 6 are working fine.

However, it crash on iOS 4. I tried to connect to Xcode to get log. However, Xcode didn’t support iOS 4.2. That is a problem starting. We can’t trace why the crash is occur. We want to put line by line Log file.

So, I decided to create NodeLog that is NSLog to Server via socket. It’s very simple to write and thank TCP socket support in Node.js. Without TCP , I need to use POST or GET method on the server side and write a lot again on client library.

With the TCP socket, I can use with CocoaAsyncSocket for iOS easily. It’s only for testing purpose and I don’t want to spend so much.

You can check video at


Source code at Github

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