Nook Simple Touch and Me

Disappointment about Nook Simple Touch

I bought Nook Simple Touch and I read the book, every day with Nook Simple Touch. But I disappointment about some feature.

1.Only US Ebook store

I live in Singapore and I can’t buy book from B&N. I can’t add my Master card to my B&N account. So, I bought a book from Kobo store. So, I need to download epub from Kobo and then add into computer. And then sync with Adobe Digital Edition.


I can connect with facebook, but it’s useless. I can’t share some text to facebook or twitter. It only allows for B&N ebook. That is unfair. It’s a same function and they should allow to share. It’s not a big deal. It looks like force to buy from their ebook store, but we can’t buy from Singapore, sorry.


In website,

2GB2 Holds up to 1,000 books (1GB for content; 750 MB reserved for B&N content).

I only saw 236 MB available storage in device info.



In their FAQ,

NOOK Simple Touch supports the following file types: ePub, PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP.

However, it only supports epub and PDF. I can’t open neither PNG nor JPG. PNG and JPG format are only for screen saver.

5. PDF zoom

I read manga with PDF format and Nook STR can’t show clearly the text like iPad. May be screen is too small for manga. I want to zoom the PDF . However, I found they didn’t add this feature because of power usages.

6. Device Sync

I want to sync with my Nook For Mac and device. It can only sync the books that we bought from B&N. I can’t check my notes and bookmark in Nook For Mac.


Over all , I love my Nook STR for reading and it’s a good reader. I hope, they will support send file via email or wireless sync. I want to read my readitlater or readability with nook simple touch. I don’t want to do with calibre. I hope, they will support like Amazon Kindle feature.

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