Ornagai Dictionary with Jquery + JSON

Today, I am making ornagai dictionary with jquery. I was thinking about at 7:00 at English Tuition. At 12:00 pm, I was staring the code for that. It was complete in a half hour. However, it’s using 20 KB JSON file. So, I thought it, “Can I do complete dictionary in one JSON file ? “ I export the JSON from mysql database. It had 4 MB. And then run in my code. Oop!!! My firefox had been hung. I restart my firefox and changing my code. I will show just 9 results and try again it. It was ok but too long to wait. So, I decided to make index the JSON. I made a.json to z.json and then search again. Amazing… I said “Awesome!!!” It’s so fast and unbelievable searching. I love jquery and JSON. I finished that project just in 2 hours. You can download JqueryDict in there. I am thinking about Myanmar to the English dictionary with JqueryDict but it should make many indexs for ka to arh. So, I will do when I have a free time.



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