Part Time Freelance ?

Some people were asking me to do part time freelance, I said “Sorry, I can’t”. I always same answer about that. Why? Part time freelance can make extra money and why I don’t want to do it?

I had a experience about Part Time freelance. Working full time and part time freelance is not easy. We are working 9 AM to 6 PM and then working again 9 PM to 1 AM. It is using a lot of energy. At this time , I was not marriage and I can handle. However, I don’t have family time and mostly I didn’t talk with my family because I was busy. Indeed, it can make more income.

After marriage, I thought , I shouldn’t do part time free lance like this. I need to give a time to my wife and family. So, I decided don’t work on freelance. But I need to stop current part time freelance projects.

Stop as soon as possible

Discuss with the clients and told them can’t work for new project and I would finish as soon as possible or will finish at dead line. Stop adding extra feature or new feature from client request. If the projects are very big and can’t finish or you don’t want to do anymore, try to handover the projects to other freelance developer. Made a good documentation or write a good comment in code for new developer. If still in contract, just focus on it and finish as soon as possible.

After no freelance

You can feel free and you can spend time a lot with family. You can sleep well. After sleep well at night, you can more work done at current full time job. For me, I always want to contribute to the full time job. Spending time with family is really pleasure for our live. It reduces stress a lot. When arrive home, no need to think about the work or projects. It’s a awesome feeling.

Extra money

Sometime, you feel , you don’t enough money with full time job. You want more for saving or other extra cost. For me, I am doing own projects instead of freelance. Own projects are more relax and own timetable. Much stress less than freelance projects. Of course, indie development app can’t make money like freelance projects. But it can make long time income. Example, if you did app, you can sell on apple app store or Google play store easily now. If you want to make Mac app or windows app, you can sell app on their store now. Distribution systems are not hard like before. However, you need to do marketing and you need to learn how to sell your products. You can’t do only coding. But it’s fun for me.

Now, I didn’t do any freelance projects and just focus on full time work and own time table with iOS apps and Android apps to release new. Most of the apps are free but very little income still getting from admob. Yes, also more sleep.

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