PHP MeetUp Nov 2009 in MS Singapore Office

Nice Meetup. I listened about google andriod and iPhone. iPhone need 2.5 GB SDK to download first. We need Mac OS X for iPhone Development. iPhone Developer License is $99 per year. Eek! Too expensive. If we have iPhone Developer License, we can sell in apple store and we can get support for iPhone Development. iPhone Develoment is base on MVC patten. JSON is built in support but SOAP need 3rd party. In apple store 50K+ app for iPhone (wow…). If we want to sell app in apple store we need SWIFT code for bank. If you interest, you can check in this slide

Another is Google Android. It’s a free and open source phone. iPhone can run background service but android. We can write background service and we can call other app from our app. I phone can’t do that :) SDK can run Windows, Linux and Mac :) We can use MOTODEV Studio for Android Development. Android Device are

Android application can do GUI, non-GUI and background service. It have 3 markets place

Google Andriod Market member fee is $25 per year that more cheaper than iPhone. For more detail, you can check in slide

Another topic is phoneGap. I’m very interest it because it just use javascript and HTML. It also support Jquery for Phone App Development. Amazing… You can check in . It’s support for iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry. . PhoneGap is opensource and free :) Coding is familiar with us because it just HTML and javascript.

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