Raspberry Pi

I bought the raspberry pi from Element 14. I ordered at 10 AM and I got it at 4 PM. How fast ? I thought , it will take 1 day for shipping.


Why I want raspberry pi ?

I have a 1 TB old harddisk and that only store videos. So, I want to build media center with raspberry pi. I want to use airplay with TV. So, I decided to buy raspberry pi.

Experience ?

Awesome. Yes, it’s. First time , I tried to install Raspbmc and there is no luck. It didn’t boot well in my raspberry pi. So, I tried Raspbian “wheezy” and it’s working well. However, the graphic and the UI of LXDE is look like Windows 98 and I couldn’t use. I prefer to use terminal instead of LXDE UI. Terminal is enough for me and I can install php, apache and mysql. However, I saw XBian and tried. Working perfect. XBian is more nicer than Raspbmc. Very easy to use and well document.


Build Media Center

We need

  • Raspberry Pi (S$48)
  • HDMI cable (S$3)
  • mini USB to (S$ 5)
  • USB Keyboard (S$18)
  • 3 Heat Sink (S$15) ( If you have fan , no need heat sink.)
  • 8 GB Class 10 SD card (S$13) (SD Card must be Class 10)
  • Internet
  • Network Cable
  • Wireless Router ( For Mobile Remote Control )

Install XBian

Download XBian Alpha 3. Install guide is here.



Install Quartz. System > Appearance > Skin > Get More… > Quartz. Quartz is like Apple TV design and light weight.

Mobile Remote

For Android http://code.google.com/p/android-xbmcremote

For iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/official-xbmc-remote/id520480364?mt=8

You can check IP Address at Setting > System Information > Network


It’s not cheap but it’s working perfect more than what we think. It can run 1080p videos and it can handel around 20 GB video but can’t handel 30 GB video yet.

If you like to build your own , try raspberry pi with XBian.

If you don’t like , try Apple TV or Roku.

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