RIP google reader

Today, everybody on twitter shock about google reader news. It will be shutdown at July 1 2013. I use google reader a lot. In iPad , I am using with Reeder and Gardar. On iPhone , I use Gardar. I created Gardar and planning to create Gardar 2 to support offline sync. However, my dream didn’t come true. May be I am lucky.

I didn’t use so much google reader at last week. I am finding alternative google reader. I like it but I need alternative and good way to read. I also want to write new rss reader iOS app. But not for google reader.That why , I am searching another popular rss reader. However, other alternative can’t compare to google reader. Look like, google reader killed all the RSS reader. It was launched in 2005 and it kill all RSS application and web. Before google reader , we are using firefox RSS or IE RSS or other RSS reader. After google reader launch so many people use it and they forget about other RSS reader. Yes, me ,too. The result is no more new popular RSS reader until iOS. Reeder is popular but it is using Google Reader API.

Now, it will be end soon. New era will come soon. Some developer try to save google reader like google reader clone or another creative rss reader. Most of the people are talking , they are using Twitter , Zite , Flipboard , Pulse , etc. But we still in love RSS subscribe. So, we will see one or more cloud base RSS reader soon. It will be sync between all your device and other special feature. I may not do but somebody will do it.

So, what should I use now ? I tried at the morning. However, it can’t sync with pocket. I tried to connect with pocket in Setting and then saved it. But not sync to the pocket. It look like a bug. It support to be sync with Pocket. So, I removed it and add it again. same. I tried many way and I gave up and I tried another reader.

I found and it exactly like google reader. However, it didn’t support iOS. If it will support iOS , definitely I will use it. However , it still only web version. Now, I am using feedly with google chrome. It’s ok. But I don’t like it. I don’t like Magazine style reader. I prefer UI like The-Magazine. Just focus on reading. However, no choice for now. I tried other reader before google reader die and don’t like so much.

We are waiting next generation RSS reader. I want to see what Reeder will do ?

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