Sample codes at iOS Bootcamp Yangon , 2013

I taught iOS sample project at iOS bootcamp Yangon , 2013. Yes, it great event and we did at March 23-24 , Yangon. I taught

1. Calculator

Very simple calculator app for understand MVC pattern. We put all the logic in brain.m. You can download the source code at github

2. Sample Tweet

Sample Tweet is a sample clone twitter client. We are not using twitter api. We just using our own API. In Yangon, internet connection is not stable. So, I did with node.js and mongodb for backend. You can get source code at github. Don’t worry, API server is running on App fog for testing. It’s using AFNetworking for access RESTFUL and SVProgressHUD for loading HUD screen.

3. Sample Database

Sample app for add new , delete in sqlite database. Just using sample form. Source code available at github. It’s using FMDB for connecting with sqlite.

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