Today , I tried to write a API documentation for my work. We are using MS Words but I feel MS Words is not ready for code documentation or API Request Documentation. It’s good for management team but not good for developer. Very hard to see and we can’t know what functions are include in our document.

So, I searched on google and I found and FlatDoc. Both are really great. Daux is using PHP to generate markdown to HTML document.FlatDoc is using javascript and ajax to generate the makrdown to HTML document. I don’t want to use Daux because it need PHP server side and very hard to share via email or dropbox. We need to hosted on server. FlatDoc look cool. Beautiful and easy to use. However, it use ajax to read file. So, it can’t run at file:// . If we click on .html , it can be open but didn’t show anything. If we hosted on somewhere or localhost and call http://localhost/flatdoc/ , it will be working perfect. But it have one bug. If I gave a same header name , menu link can’t work well.

I thought, it’s not enough. What I want it just html that can share via email or dropbox. This html can copy to apple pages with syntax coloring. So, I decided to write my own and SGDoc was born. But it require npm to install and template design can customize easily. I hope, everybody can use easily. If you found a bugs or issue , you can post on github issue. For demo and documentation , you can check at

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