Source Tree , git and hg mac client

<div style="text-align:left;">I am using github for open source product and our company is using hg with bitbucket. So, most of the time I used git and hg command from terminal. For hg, machg is a good app but it&#039;s not great. I found source tree long time but I didn&#039;t buy it. It cost around $50\. After SourceTree acquired by Atlassian , it go to free. That is awesome movement of Atlassian. Bitbucket is support git and hg. I already post it. Now, they also support mac hg/git client. It mean, we are ready to use hg and git with bitbucket. Now, I&#039;m using my private git repo in bitbucket. If you are using git or hg in mac, try [Source Tree](</div> 
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