Stackoverflow's reputation points

I was asking myself , “Is stackoverflow reputation points is important ? Can it show real programmer skill base by reputation points ?” . Now, I clear the answer. Anser is NO . Why ?

I am using stackoverflow over the 3 years and 4 months. Now, my current reputation is 6,857 points. It look like not bad. I didn’t answer so much. I just asking question and most of my answers are for my question. So, I ask and answer myself. But why my reputation is 6,857 ? Because of the one question and one answer.

Last 2 year , I was using codaset beta (not available now). I can use private repo at codaset because it was still in beta. I love a lot. I can write blog on my repo and same feel like github private repo at this time. However, they were just gave 1 or 2 private repo after beta. So, I want to use private repo for all my private projects and I don’t want to use github. I feel github is expensive for me.

So, I was asking about free private git repo at stackoverflow. When I asking , a few answer and most of the answers were not satisifed for me. Some people are suggest Assembla , Unfuddle , etc. But I don’t like it. I am sure , most of the people may not like.

At Oct 3 2011 , Bitbucket officially announced support for Git hosting. So, I answered my question at Oct 4 2011 and then I accept my answer. After that , I got a lot upvote for this question and answer. Now, question is 193 upvote and answer is 324.

193 * 5 = 965

324 * 10 = 3240

So, total reputation point is 4205. My current reputation is 6,857 and without this question and answer , it should be 2652.

My question is not asking about programming. It is just asking for reference. So, they closed my question. Yes, it should be. But it made my reputation +4205. It a lot.

That why , my answer is “Stackoverflow’s reputation can’t show your programming skill” . It’s just a point. But that point made you come back to stackoverflow. It made proud yourself and it’s showing like how much spend time on stackoverflow.

So, stackoverflow reputation point can’t use for job interview reference.But answers and question can use like reference. Stackoverflow questions and answers are showing what is your interest. What fields are you learning . What programming language that you like.

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