Start Writing Ornagai V3


Now, I’m start writing ornagai v3. I will use Ava Framework for ornagai v3. Ava framework is now arrive RC 1 but document is still not complete yet. So, what new in ornagai v3 ? I want to use social dictionary in v3. It may be really really different with current version. I am still brain storming.

I want to use simple dictionary. This dictionary can be search En2MM or MM2En. This dictionary is base on community. This dictionary is Open Data and every one can use. This dictionary is MIT license. This dictionary is design for everyone. This dictionary don’t use too much myanmar words for one english word. This dictionary can support API. The main is it’s very simple , easy to add new word and can report. If current user arrive trust level , he can edit words and no need to wait.

That is Ornagai V3.

 I don’t know when it will done. Yes, ornagai v3 also open source. I hope it can be done before end of the year.
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