Surface and me

When I wrote previous post , I was angry and can’t control my emotion. Now, I made this post permission to private.

I was thinking , Why I was angry so much on surface support team and can’t control ?

Problem with surface and me are

  1. I ordered surface when they started selling. They cancelled my order after 2 days. I already paid and they cancel. But didn’t send email about that.No explain also. I checked the shipping status on website and it was showing cancel order. So, I contact them and they told me surface is out of stock and cancel my order.

  2. Touchpad didn’t detect after using 1 week. Yes, only 1 week using and it broken. Talked 2 hour with microsoft support and got service request number to return back. He didn’t mention or gave me the link , how to sent back. Just sent some information where and how to send back via email.

  3. Send back full packing and receive back only 1 surface. No adapter , no pen and no packing. Packing with yellow box. I didn’t see page when I return back. Support guy didn’t mention this page also and he didn’t tell me , only surface to return back.

  4. They return back same series device number. Is it repair device or new ? I am not sure about that. Replacement should be new one instead of repair.

  5. Contact to surface support and talk about lost pen , adapter and packing. 3-5 business day to investigate and they will email to me. He told me “I will personally ensure that you are contacted by the escalations team. They are very reliable, and will ensure you are satisfied with your Surface.”

  6. Receive back adapter and pen after 2 days. But no packing. So, I can’t give a present or sell back with good price.

But waiting their reply email. Yes, still not satisfied about surface support team.

I hope, they will give me a good answer.

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