Surface GONE after 1 week

Ok. Sad news for me. I bought surface for my wife and arrive at last week. Today morning , she sent SMS to me. “Hubby, touch cover is not working. What happen ?” , I search on google and guide to her and no luck. So, I told her, I will check when you arrive home. Don’t worry. It will be ok.

When I arrive home , I was checking the touch cover with my sister surface. It’s working. So, touch cover is not problem. The problem may surface. So, I did factory restart. But no luck. All the data are gone. However , still didn’t detect touch cover and showing USB Device not recognize.

In device list , it’s showing like following

error surfacesuck

After chatting around 1 hour with Microsoft Support , they confirmed I need to send back device. What the hell ! Need to wait 1 month again and extra cost for DHL express shipping.

OK, I learned the lesson. Don’t buy from US if the product is not international warranty and need to send back to US when some problem occur.

I never have a bad experience like this with Apple Product. For me, microsoft products have always got a problem. Before that their blue tooth keyboard is not working after 2 week using. I call them and they told me send the detail of device information. I sent them. No response. I sent them again and no response. I don’t know about how How Microsoft working but their product are not good for me. Microsoft bluetooth keyboard are not cheap but their customer service is singapore are really bad.

Now , happen again with Microsoft. However, US customer service is much better than Singapore. FML ! my wife sad and I angry. I need to wait and gave money again for shipping cost. Look like I am bad customer for microsoft or I may have bad luck with microsoft.

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