Surface touch cover isn't waterproof

Last week , water drop on my tables that have surface touch cover and my apple bluetooth keyboard. I dry both first and didn’t use it 2 days. I worried about the apple bluetooth keyboard because it’s a normal keyboard and water can drop inside. Surface touch cover look ok. But the outside is so wet.

After 2 days, I tried my apple keyboard first. I saw my bluetooth keyboard. I tried to connect and pair key is appear. I tried to type and press return key from keyboard. Nothing happen. Something wrong. I tried with my iPad and surface also. Gone. Not working anymore. Bluetooth service still available but can’t press any key. That make me sad. I tried to check warranty at apple. But it only allow to input 15 characters. Keyboard serial number is more than that. So, I couldn’t check the warranty for my keyboard. I also forget when I bought it.

After that, try to open the surface with touch cover keyboard. Lucky , I can move the cursor from touch cover keyboard. I tried to login. Oop! can’t press any key. Mouse can only move. Mouse click , not working. All the keys are not working also.

Unluckly day. I thought , touch cover is water proof. But it didn’t. I bought the type cover for surface and it’s much better than touch cover. I can type easily with type cover in surface. Surface with touch cover look good but useless.

If somebody ask me about Different between UI and UX ? , I have a good answer now. Surface touch cover is good UI but bad UX. Looking good but can’t use well.

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