The cocos2d family keeps growing

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  Wow.. cocos2d have javascript library but it may need python. If I have a time, I should try it. Cocos2d-iphone is easy to develop for iphone project. So, how about javascript ?
The cocos2d family keeps growing and growing and growing… :-) The new members of the family are: cocos2d-x, in C , multiplatform cocos2d-android-1, in Java, for Android cocos2d-javascript, in Javascript, for Web cocos2d-x Homepage: Git repository: Platforms: iOS, uPhone, Win32. Coming soon: Bada, Android Language: C Based on cocos2d-iphone v0.99.4 cocos2d-android-1 Homepage: Git repository: Platforms: Android Language: Java Based on cocos2d-iphone v0.99.4 This is the 2nd port of cocos2d for Android/Java (See “The cocos2d family” for the other port) cocos2d-javascript Homepage: Git repository: Platforms: Web (html5 / javascript) Language: Javascript Based on cocos2d-iphone: v0.99.5 Related links: cocos2d v0.99.5 supports Mac as a target platform The cocos2d family (previous ports of cocos2d) ##### *Updated: Added cocos2d-javascript site.
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