Thinking about ornagai tsv license

We are not selling data. I provide data and service. Ok. google don't own data but he can add ads. Like this, you can't sell data but you can use free. You can add Ads in your service. Existing published dictionaries ? Yes, but what books ? can't tell exactly. Many books and I just provide data service to add in ornagai. So, data is a free of use and can combine with any technology with free of charges. (thinking about license).

Now, I just thinking about ornagai license. Ornagai source code should be free all the time ? Of course, TSV will be free all the time. TSV can’t own because data is created by community. Ornagai is written by CodeIgniter Framewrok and I used Zawgyi Library that made myself. So, I need to think about ornagai source code also. GPL or MIT ?

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