Todo web app with meteor js

After reading the Discover meteor , I want to create sample web apps with meteor.js. So, I did the todo. Yes, it’s easy and can apply what we learn. I commit step by step and it’s only 15 commits. So, if you want to learn , how I did it , you can check on the commits.

Why meteor

Meteor is awesome for real time web apps. It’s using DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) for real time. If you are making the real time web app, you should chose the meteor. But if you are making to show large amount of data, not recommend for my point of view.


Meteor is different with other framework. So, if you want to learn meteor , I recommend the Discover meteor book. After reading the book , you should watch the EventedMind videos.

You can check my code demo at and get the code from github.

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