Tumblr that is not working with cloudflare

Yesterday , I was trying to move tumblr. However, it was not successful. I don’t know , why tumblr is not compitable with cloudflare DNS. When I added my domain name in tumblr, error message is showing and update the CNAME record. I already update CNAME record and waited 72 hour but still showing same error message.

“This subdomain’s CNAME is not pointing to Tumblr. It is currently set to “cf-protected…” 

Is it a problem of Tumblr or Cloudflare ? I asked to the cloudflare at Twitter and they didn’t reply , yet. So, I still can’t move to the Tumblr and still not posterous. Now, I decided not moving to the Tumblr. I made a backup at wordpress. When I move to the tumblr , all the comment will be lost. I don’t want to lose my comments. So, stay on posterous is much better than moving.

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