What wrong AppHub

Yesterday , my wife app has approved in marketplace. So , I login to the AppHub at last night. I saw she used wrong keywords and marketplace app icon is wrong. So, I click on edit meta description. My hell is starting...

My Firefox is reloading over and over again at edit meta description page. After the it hanged. I can’t do anything. I restart the browser and I used Internet explorer.

Oh! God!! App didn’t publish and it change to the stage 2. I need to fill data and upload all information again. And then wait for certificate again. I can’t believe it.

I click on the app name. Inter explorer didn’t show. It look like no connection. So, I clean the browsing data and refresh again.

It worked . I added information and next. Go offline again. WTF !! I did cleaning browsing again. Same problem . I gave up for now. I will try again tomorrow.

I can’t believe . Why AppHub website is really stupid. Microsoft may need to update silver light or what ? Why appub silver light is only working on IE and have a problem with firefox ? Why IE show always offline in AppHub website. That is really really annoy for developers. If Microsoft didn’t fix that problem, most of the developers will run always because of AppHub.

I told my wife, why write windows phone 7 app. Change to android or iPhone. AppHub can’t bet android or iPhone. They need to fix a lot in website.

I ask wp 7 development problem in Stackoverflow and nobody reply. Not like android or iPhone dev. It mean , not so much developer. So, that why not so much app in marketplace. I gave up marketplace when I first use. Very hard to use for me.

Hmm… Let try tonight again and see the result

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